Trading signals - Convergence as re-entry - Professional Forex trading
How to recognize the convergence as a re-entry trading signals? Free lecture from Professional Forex trading course: Master class with full analysis

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In this lecture you will learn how to get your own trading signals from the RSI indicator. Many people do the mistake to pay for trading signals which is absolutely unnecessary.

The RSI is one of the oldest indicators in Forex. It stands for Relative Strength Index. In this lecture the mentor Petko Aleksandrov will teach you how to use this indicator and to get trading signals.

More, in this lecture you will get re-entry trading signals. This means that when you are trading with the major trend, and you take your profit, you should re-enter into the same direction but when the price pulls back. And this is very important in trading.

What you will learn in this course?

-how to recognize the major direction of the price using Dow theory

-build complete analyses before entering into a trade

-diversify the risk in 3 different entries with 3 different entry conditions

-manage properly the trades once they are opened 

-use Fibonacci, RSI, MACD and other indicators in unique way

Content and overview

The course is aimed to teach beginner and advanced traders, it is a complete system that will bring your trading to the next level

You will start with basics and slowly you will learn how to build the whole trading screen, with all indicators and price action techniques, so you will be able to get great trading signals.

You will learn at what moment to use these trading signals and how to open your trades.

At the end of the this master class you will see live examples for the system, and you will be able to manage the trades professionally.

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