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Open trade results - free lecture from Professional Forex trading: Master class with full analysis with full analysis

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Open trade results is an example opened by the end of the course. This way the student see the real possibility trading with this professional Forex trading system. 

In the course, you will see how the mentor Petko Aleksandrov, builds the whole trading chart, how he opens the position and what are the open trade results.

What will I learn in the course?

-recognize the important levels on the market as support and resistance

-use trend lines and counter-trend lines which are the most important levels on the market

-draw the Fibonacci in unique way to find the best zones to enter on the market

-use the Relative Strength Index indicator to get re-entry signals

-moving Average Convergence Divergence indicator to take the profit

-moving Averages to confirm the direction of the trend and have place for Stop Loss

-price action trading to be in the direction of the market behavior

-diversify he risk between 3 different entries to confirm the direction

-trade professionally with complete analysis on the market before opening positions

-manage the positions once they are opened to control the risk

-trail the Stop Loss after the trade is opened to limit the risk

Open trade results lecture will overview the complete system, and you will have brighter idea what the mentor follows in trading.

Also, the open trade results lecture shows realistic results, and not fake promises.

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