Trade sheet - Professional Forex trading:Master class with full analysis
Professional trade sheet for each trade opened - free lecture from Professional Forex trading: Master class with full analysis

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The trade sheet is a tool that helps the traders to improve their trading. In manual trading the record of trades is much harder than in algorithmic trading. With algorithmic trading we can see precise statistics for all trades opened and closed and with the strategy builders we can see where the Expert Advisors have opened and closed the positions.

In manual trading is a bit different. The trader follow many rules and it is often mistake that some will be missed, or ignored by the trader. This normally leads to losses.

This is where the trade sheet comes in hand. With the trade sheet trader can record his trades, and evaluate them at the end of the week or at the end of the month. It will be easy to see the mistake, and correct them in future trading. This way the trade sheets helps the one to improve his trading and trade with less mistakes in future.

What will you learn in the Professional Forex trading course?

-build the whole trading screen starting from empty chart

-use the most common indicators in unique way

-record the trading using trade sheet

-diversify the risk between 3 different entries

-make complete analysis for the market

Regardless of what is your trading experience level, you will learn a complete trading system that will bring your trading to the next level.

All students enrolled will receive personal support by Petko within 12 hours.

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