10 FAQ for Forex professional trading course
I am Petko Aleksandrov, Head trader at EA Forex Academy, and in this video I will answer the 10 most Frequently Asked Questions for the Forex Professional trading course.

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Here are the 10 questions that I receive most frequently:

1. Can I use the strategy shown in the Forex Professional trading course on different time frames?

2. Why I can not find Exponential Moving Average indicator in Meta Trader?

3. Can I use this system for cryptocurrency trading?

4. Should I choose the entry lot first or the Stop Loss?

5. Why do we need 3 different entries?

6. How long time it took you to create this Forex Professional trading system?

7. How long time to practice this professional Forex trading system before trading it on real account?

8. Do you wait the bar to close in order to open the trade?

9. Can I trade this system on different platform than the one shown in the Forex Professional trading course?

10. Should I do the whole analysis to enter in the trade?

We receive daily many e-mail with questions about this Forex Professional trading course. I have selected to answer the questions that I receive most frequently for this course, and the answers will be very useful for every Forex trader.

I have been using the Forex Professional trading system for more than 4 years now and I feel very comfortable using it. I represents the market behavior in price action trading. I do follow the major trend and combine it with different indicators and tools to enter on the smaller time frames. This way I trade with the direction of the trend, and I am taking quick profits.

I start from clear chart and and build the whole analysis that is needed to enter into the trade. Also, I show live examples in the course, which makes the Forex Professional trading system clearer. 

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