Professional Forex trading Free course - 1 hour free lectures
Professional Forex trading Free course is a free preview of the Master class with with full analysis.

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This Forex trading free course will teach you how to build the trading chart from a scratch. The mentor Petko Aleksandrov, Head trader at EA Forex Academy, will teach you how to make complete analysis starting from empty chart, reaching to the moment of the entry. As well, you will see realistic results with the system.

What will you learn in the Forex trading free course?

-how to place properly the support and resistance levels

-how to recognize the Up trend and the Down trend with the Dow theory

-draw properly the trend lines and the counter trend lines

-use the most common indicators in different way

-diversify the risk on few entries to confirm the trading direction

This Forex trading free course tends to introduce you the trading system of Petko Aleksandrov. This is a system that he has been using for the last 5 years successfully.  The mentor has graduated Finance in his bachelor and master degree, and he has specialized in trading in London. He was invited to stay as a mentor in the Academy there, but he preferred to continue on his own. Two years later he established EAForexAcademy.

During the period 2017-2018 he had more than 12500 students joining his online courses.

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All students receive personal support from Petko Aleksandrov within 12 hours. This way you will not be alone in during the education.

If you have enjoyed this Forex trading free course, go ahead and enroll in the complete course. There is 30 day money back guarantee, so if you are not happy with the course, you can refund it.