Professional Trading Webinar #3 – Predicting Future Moves in the Market
Dear Trader,

This is the final series of three trading webinars on what it takes to become a professional trader.

These webinars are designed to help traders expand their knowledge of the markets and themselves. We will start by showing YOU what a professional does day in day out.

You have heard this many times before: “Markets cannot be predicted”.

But how many of you can actually anticipate what a market may do well in advance?

To show you examples of this we welcome back Elay Ghaly, FX & Indices Trader at Trade View Investments.

In this interactive webinar, Elay will show you many of the tools and techniques he uses to gauge the market both technically and fundamentally - and how you can use some of these tools to read and understand the market better. He will also show you LIVE examples in the market of your choice!

Elay will expand in detail on the following topics:

1. PRICE bars - What are they really telling you?
2. PATTERNS - When a pattern is not a pattern
3. CYCLES - Are they important?
4. DIVERGENCE - Basic to advanced
5. Anticipating future moves

By the end of this Webinar, you will see first-hand how professionals look at the market day-in day-out, why the odds are stacked against the retail trader, and what you can do to put those odds in your favour by thinking like the professionals think.

Join us for this exclusive webinar to start your trading day with greater confidence.

Kind regards,
IC Markets Team