Professional Trading Webinar – Automated Strategies for Volatile Markets
Dear Trader,

2018 has been a volatile year for many markets with the Dow Jones dropping over a staggering 3100 points in a matter of 3 days at the beginning of February - that’s a move of almost 12%!

Many traders fear volatile markets, but the traders at Trade View love them; more price movement means more opportunity to get on the right side of those big moves.

In this webinar, the team at Trade View will demonstrate some of the strategies that they have been using to take advantage of these big intraday moves using automation to make sure you get in early and determine good exit strategies to lock in profit.

You will get to see:

1) Working automated volatility trading strategies
2) Key elements of these strategies such as entries and exits
3) LIVE building, testing and automation of a working strategy
4) Risk Management in volatile markets
5) Where to from here - what the Trade View Traders see coming next

Whether you are new to the markets, or a seasoned trader, if you would like to see how the professionals take advantage of these volatile market conditions and what they think lies ahead, this webinar is a must.

Join us for this exclusive webinar to start your trading day with greater confidence.

Kind regards,
IC Markets