Professional Trading Webinar: Candlestick Breakout Strategies
Dear Trader,

There are a number of different indicators that many traders use when trying to successfully trade breakouts - MACD, RSI, Fibonacci to name a few.

In this webinar, you will learn 3 breakout strategies that work based on chart patterns alone.

Whilst indicators can definitely be a useful tool in the traders’ toolkit, you will see that they are not necessary to develop strategies that demonstrate robust performance.

In this webinar, the team at Trade View will show you how the candlestick patterns YOU see in the charts can be translated into a repeatable, quantifiable strategy with back tested results - no indicators required.

This webinar may just provide the missing link between the chart patterns you know and the results you are looking for.

As Trade View Director Robert Bubalovski says “Successful trading is not all about the technical indicators - it’s the techniques used.”

In this webinar you will see:

1) Key chart patterns the professionals use to create successful strategies
2) Breakout patterns - what can work
3) LIVE building, testing and automation of a working strategy
4) Day Trading and Longer Term techniques used by Prop Traders
5) How to create a systematic approach from what YOU see on the charts

Whether you are new to the markets, or a seasoned trader, if you would like to see how the professionals build, test, automate & trade naked charts; you MUST join us for this exclusive webinar to start your trading day with greater confidence.

Kind regards,

The IC Markets Team