Professional Trading Webinar: Automated Scalping Strategies
Dear Trader,

Scalping looks to take advantage of quick short sharp moves, giving the trader maximum bang for their buck. There is only one reason to scalp - and that is - to make Money.

In this webinar you will learn why Scalping is becoming one of the fastest growing trading strategies in the Forex (FX) market today. We will go through live examples to see how scalping can be effective.

To do this we welcome back our resident expert Edwin Cornelissen, Systems Trader at Trade View Investments.

In this interactive webinar Edwin will explain some of the processes his trading firm goes through when looking to SCALP the markets.

He will be providing valuable information on the following topics:

1) Identify potential Scalping Trades
2) Scalping Setups
3) Indicators that help with Scalping
4) Short term Scalping
5) Entry/Exit signals
6) Live examples

By the end of the Webinar you will understand Scalping better, to begin the first steps of building your own Trading System.

Join us for this exclusive webinar to start your trading day with greater confidence.

Kind regards,
IC Markets