Professional Trading Webinar: 3 Strategies - 1 Portfolio
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Have you ever traded a working strategy, only to find that when market conditions change, it no longer performs?

If so, you’re not alone.

It is unlikely that you will find just one strategy that will perform under ALL market conditions and that is why it is important to diversify, by trading a portfolio that encompasses multiple strategies and multiple products.

In this webinar you will learn 3 very different, working strategies that you can trade across numerous FX pairs, indices, commodities and crypto currencies.

To do this we welcome our resident expert, Bisher Khudeira, Senior Trader at Trade View Investments.

In this interactive webinar, Bisher will teach you 3 strategies he trades himself, including a Breakout Strategy, a Trend Strategy & a Reversal Strategy. He will also show backtested results of the models and give you insight into how these models can be traded in a portfolio.

Bisher will be providing valuable information on the following topics:

1) 3 BackTested Trading Strategies - Breakout, Trend & Reversal
2) Why Diversification is Crucial
3) Live Building and Automation of a Trading System
4) Portfolio Analysis
5) Reducing Drawdown

By the end of the Webinar you will have seen how the creation of a portfolio of trading strategies and products can assist you to improve your own trading performance.

Join us for this exclusive webinar to start your trading day with greater confidence.

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The IC Markets Team