Market News vs Market Behaviour (Audio from 02:23 minutes)
In this week's webinar we'll be providing you with an insider's view on the markets reaction to high impact news announcements. This is a must see webinar for anyone who trades the news or wants to gain some insight on what's actually happening during these extremely volatile times. The information we will be providing on topics such as liquidity, spreads and slippage is universal and we're sure you'll find it very interesting!

The webinar will be split into two parts. The first half will be provided by IC Markets, we will be discussing the microstructure of the Forex market and looking at the mechanics of the move, the second will be provided by Trade View Investments who will be giving a traders perspective.

IC Markets topics:

The evolution of news trading; banks, brokers, expert advisors and virtual dealers
Liquidity, spreads and ticks
Execution quality and speeds

Trade View Investments - (Proprietary Trading Firm) topics:

Important News releases
Which Currencies to look at
Times frames
Effect on Markets
How to trade News

Kind regards,

The IC Markets Team