Backtesting Strategy Online Report (User Guide)
Backtesting Strategy Online Report (User Guide). You can find Expert Advisor Studio on our website:

In this video, we will be discussing the Backtesting Strategy Online report.

Now, the backtesting strategy online report is the last tab on the taskbar in the strategy section. And this gives us a huge amount of statistical information as well as many charts.

So once you have selected your strategy, you would then go to report, and you would see all of the stats for your strategy. This is really quite incredible.

So the first thing you'll notice is that we have the stats info, and this gives us a huge amount of backtest output metrics. As you can see it gives you so many different statistics that you can look through.

As well as different charts, so we have our balance chart, we have our count of entries by weekdays, we have our profit and loss in currency by the weekdays, and then we have profit and loss in currency by entry hour, by exit hour. We have a larger chart that gives us the count of entries profits and losses by entry hour.

It gives us our position profit by position holding time. And then it gives us our monthly performance in terms of currency. From there, we have the Indicator chart, and this shows us the performance of each of our Indicators in the strategy in a very nice graphical representation.

Then we have the balance chart, and this is the same balance chart that you saw on the stats info, but it is expanded, and you can see a bit more detail.

*Below that, we have our long balance and our short balance by market. *Below that, we have our drawdown in percentages.
*Below that the drawdown in currency terms.
*And below that the stagnation in days.

Finally, we have the journal, and this gives us a full breakdown of each of our trades when it opened, the type of position that it opened, the
the amount, the price that it opened up, the Stop Loss and the Take Profit,
then the profit on the trade, and finally our balance after the trade has

And this would be the trades that have opened and closed on the full
amount of the historical data that we have loaded.

Coming back to the stats info and the backtest output. Just to run through a few of them. So, for example, we have the net balance, and the net balance is the equity of our trading account.

In other words, it is the current amount in our trading account in the currency that we have selected.

Another one that we could look at would be the max drawdown. Now, the max drawdown shows us the percentage of our trading account that dropped after having a losing streak.

Basically, it's the difference between the peak and the trough.

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