Getting Started Forex Trading in 10 MIN with ATFX Broker
Getting Started Forex Trading in 10 MIN with ATFX Broker:

In this video, I will introduce the very beginner traders to the first steps that you need to take before getting started Forex trading. No matter how you do it manually.

And as you understand, so far in this course, I will teach you how to trade automatically with many Expert Advisors in the trading account.

So the first step that you need to take is to find a regulated broker that you will be using before getting started Forex trading.

So the Forex brokers are huge companies that offer trading platforms. They give us access to the market.

We can open a Demo account, which is virtual, so we can practice trading or test Expert Advisors, or we can open a Live trading account, which means a real trading account, which we need to fund with money, so we can get started Forex trading.

Now you can look for Forex broker over the Internet.

You will find hundreds or even thousands of websites and be very careful because obviously there are many scam brokers around that offer, not just bad trading conditions, but most likely, you will never see your money again if your fund an account with a scam broker.

To make it easier for my students, I have prepared the PDF that I will attach to this lecture, where I will give you more information about the Forex regulations.

So each broker must have a regulation. Anyway, there is a huge risk that this is a scam broker. So when you are looking for a broker to look for the brokers that have regulations.

Just below the video we have:
-the Commodities Futures Trade Commission in the US
-the NFA again in the United States
-FCA is a very strong regulator in the UK.
-MIFID as well.

So there are many regulators around.

And I usually avoid recommending brokers. That's a personal choice. It's up to you.

But to make it easier for our students and for the people who have a hard time finding a broker, we have created the brokers' page on our website where you will learn more about the regulations, how important the low costs are, the reviews.

So always look for honest reviews from different traders, forums, blogs, so you can have a better understanding and idea about the broker that you are planning to use.

And below, we have listed some brokers that we have been using so far.

I asked my team to write honest and long reviews for each of the brokers with some PROs and CONs. So we just make it easier for our traders and students to select the broker that fits them the best.

And of course, we are improving this page all the time. So by the time you are watching this course, if it is after a few months or after a year or two, it
might look different from other brokers or more brokers.

But of course, before listing any of the brokers here, we do our best to test them. So we make sure that our students are using regulated and suitable brokers for algorithmic trading.

Below, you can find some more tips when choosing a broker that will be helpful to you if you are doing it for the first time.

For the purpose of this course, I will be using the ATFX broker, and if I click on open an account, I will get on their website.

Now let me show you quickly how you can open a Demo account with an ATFX broker, which is very similar to most brokers.

I will click on create a Demo account with ATFX Broker, and you see that I have the blank where I will need to enter some personal details.

If you are interested in opening an account with ATFX Broker, you can click on the link below:

For more information, watch the whole video - Getting Started Forex Trading in 10 MIN with ATFX Broker.

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