Portfolio Trading with Expert Advisors (User Guide)
Portfolio Trading with Expert Advisors (User Guide). You can find Expert Advisor Studio on our website: https://eaforexacademy.com/s/qsJpF.

In this video, we will be discussing portfolio trading with Expert Advisors.

Now you can build a whole portfolio of strategies using the portfolio tool in Expert Advisor Studio. This means that with 1 Expert Adviser, you can trade multiple Expert Advisors or trading strategies.

The biggest advantage of using a portfolio is that you can place 1 portfolio Expert Advisor onto the chart rather than many Expert Advisors on too many charts.

So how do we create a portfolio trading?

It's very easy. Once you have all of our strategies in our collection that we want to trade.

So once we got into them and we've made any changes that we've wanted to, and we've optimized them, and we now have a collection, what we can do, click on this button here that says portfolio, and then we can add the top 5, the top 10, the top 20, or all of them.

So I'm gonna select to add all of them. Then what you'll see is in my portfolio trading, I now have 16 strategies. So we go to the portfolio.

And what you can see is that we have our balance chart. And this balance chart represents the performance of all of our Expert Advisors in the portfolio.

And next to it, you can see the portfolio statistics. So you can see how many strategies were included. And we have 16, the net profit for all of the strategies combined.

Our next drawdown and the rest of the statistics, and below the balance chart, what you'll see is the market info.

So the server is our historical data, the market that our portfolio is on, and the start and the end date of our historical data and the backtest. The spread that we are working with.

And as you know, you can change your spread in the tools and the symbol settings.

So just to summarize, the portfolio trading with Expert Advisor is a great way to combine multiple strategies into a single Expert Advisor so that we don't have to open multiple charts and place each Expert Advisor onto our charts individually.

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