Portfolio Trading Strategies in EA Studio (User Guide)
Portfolio Trading Strategies in EA Studio (User Guide). You can find Expert Advisor Studio on our website: https://eaforexacademy.com/s/qsJpF.

In this video - Portfolio Trading Strategies in EA Studio, we're going to be looking at the second tab on our portfolio page, and that is the content tab.

And this is where you can see all of these strategies in your portfolio trading strategies. It provides you with many useful options.

For example, you can change the way they are filtered, you can recalculate any strategies, and you can remove any that are correlating or that you no longer want to use.

What you see is, we have a toolbar on the top, and the first button is recalculate. This button performs a full recalculation of the backtest and portfolio statistics for the existing strategies according to any chosen data or any data that you have changed.

Next, we have the Progress Indicator, so once we click on the recalculate and it's recalculating, it will give you the progress of the recalculation.

Then you have the option to download the collection. Next, you have the download button, which allows you to download all of these strategies as a collection.

Next, we have the upload button, and this is what you would use if you want to upload a collection that you have saved previously.

And then you have the trashcan icon, which allows you to remove all of the strategies, and on the left, you have a number of options, including how you sort your collection, the performance filters that you want to use.

These sorting and filtering features on the portfolio trading strategies page function exactly the same as on the collections page.

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