Acceptance Criteria in EA Studio (User Guide)
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In this video, we're going to be discussing the acceptance criteria in EA Studio.

Now the acceptance criteria in EA Studio is essential.

This is the criteria that your strategies will be based on. In EA Studio, we use the acceptance criteria across all sections, for example, a generator, reactor, the validator, and the optimizer.

When you import or create a strategy, it needs to pass the acceptance criteria in EA Studio first before it goes into your collection.

Whether you're on the generator, optimizer, or validator, you can click on acceptance criteria, and it will take you to the common acceptance criteria.

What you'll see is that we have the complete backtest in sample and out of sample. So we have acceptance criteria for all 3 of them.

If you have selected in your generator settings to use the out of sample, then when you go to the acceptance criteria, what you'll see is you can have acceptance criteria for the entire backtest or the complete backtest.

And that will include the in sample, and the out of sample, and you can select to have acceptance criteria for your in sample part and
your out of sample part separately.

Now you have a number of options available to you with the acceptance criteria, and we'll run through them very quickly.

First, we have the maximum average position length, and this is the average
length of a position presented in bars, then we have maximum bars in trade the percentage. This is the percentage of bars in trade.

Then we have maximum consecutive losses. This is where you would set a
permissible limit for losing trades for your strategy then we have maximum
counts of trades, and we would advise you to use the maximum number of trades since this saves you the risk of your strategy being over-optimized.

When you have a lower number of trades, you save some spread costs. However, you do not get reliable backtests using this.

This is especially valid for the generator and the optimizer.

For example, a strategy with a win-loss ratio of 1 to 0 is definitely a good one, but if the number of trades is just one, it's really not very trustworthy.

Then we have maximum equity drawdown, and this term represents the biggest accumulative drop in your equity curve. Then we have max equity drawdown in percent, and here you set a particular value below which the equity of your count cannot drop.

Then we have max stagnation percent. This is where you would put the time percentage for the strategy to run without any profits.

For more information, watch the whole video - Acceptance Criteria in EA Studio.

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