Multi Market Simulation in Forex (User Guide)
Multi Market Simulation in Forex (User Guide). You can find Expert Advisor Studio on our website:

In this video, we will be discussing the Multi Market test, and you can go to the Multi Market by selecting a strategy, and then on the top, you will see
Multi Market.

What the Multi Market tools is it allows you to test a strategy across different markets or different assets. Once we are in the Multi Market tool, the first thing you'll see is a toolbar, and on the toolbar, we have our start and stop button.

From here, you control the beginning and the end of the Multi Market testing process. Then we have the progress. This shows us what percentage of the test has been calculated at the current moment.

Next, we have calculated this indicates the number of strategy backtests which have been done. And finally, we have validated, and here you can see the number of backtest results that have passed the validation criteria.

Below that, we have the market, and from here, you can choose to add
markets or remove as required, and on the right, we have the chart, and this gives us a graphical representation of the strategy's performance in each

All of the markets will use a different color so you can clearly see which strategy is performing well and which one is not.

So let's run a test. We are going to remove BRENTCMDUSD. We don't need it. And we will keep our USDCHF AUDCHF and AUDNZD.

So we click on start very quickly. It calculates it, and what you can see is that the original strategy passed the validation, but the other 3 did not.

Now, if we go into statistics, you can see is that the original strategy on
the EURGBP has a balance of 14844. We can see our profit per day, our max drawdown, our return versus the drawdown, the number of trades, and our win-loss ratio for all of the markets.

So basically, what this tells us that according to the validation criteria
that we have selected.

This strategy would be profitable in the EURGBP, but it would be unprofitable in the others that we have tested on.

If you want to change the validation criteria, you will go to the final tab, and this is where you would select the validation criteria you want. Like the acceptance criteria, you have many options, and for each option, you have values.

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