How to Select Forex Broker in 2 MIN
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How to Select Forex Broker?

Before starting trading, with the Robots from the previous lecture, make sure to select a regulated broker. This is fundamentally important.

The Forex brokers are the companies that provide us access to the real market through trading platforms. How does it work?

We choose a broker, we fund an account, and we use the money in the account to Buy and Sell assets. It is as simple as that.

But nowadays, one of the biggest problems in the Forex industry is scam brokers. You can read more about it in our trading forum:

These are companies that pretended to be real Forex brokers with trading platforms, educators, and professional traders.

But unfortunately, the people that are behind them are just good salesmen that will try to take your money while talking with you on the phone.

They will ask for your debit or credit card details over the phone, which is illegal. They will promise you unrealistic profits by managing your funds.

I would suggest you never, ever to trust someone else managing your funds. You should be the one having control of your accounts, the strategies, or the Robots you use.

And basically, this is your responsibility. It is your own risk that you are taking.

Unfortunately, thousands of people are being scammed daily, and they cannot do anything to get their money back. So make sure to choose a regulated Forex broker.

And in this lecture on our website, you will find attached some of the most reliable regulators. If some of these regulators regulate your broker, you can feel comfortable using the broker.

Also, in my courses, I show the brokers that I use without recommending them. But this way, I want to give you an idea of some of the trusted brokers that I have tested.

For example, in this course, I use the XM broker, which is huge and reliable.

Even if you have good strategies, you won't make any profits if you have selected a bad or a scam broker.

To make it easier for all of our students, we have created the Trusted Brokers Page where we have listed the brokers that we are currently using, and my team has prepared a detailed review for each, which will help you how to select Forex broker easier.

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